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Switzerland & Indian Middle Class

You must have heard the name 'Switzerland'.

A Country where every married couple in the World dreams of celebrating their honeymoon.

This Country covered with snowy valleys is an amazing masterpiece of beauty. Whether it is greenery or snow, wherever the eyes go, they remain wide open in wonder.

Switzerland is the richest Country in the world! Telling an interesting story of this country which is rich in every way.

About 50 years ago today a private bank was established in Switzerland named 'Swissbank'.

This bank rules were different from other banks in the world.

This Swissbank used to charge its customers money in exchange for safe keeping their money, its maintenance and privacy.

They guaranteed privacy. Never asked customer where did the money come from? No question no obligation.

This bank's reputation had spread world-wide over the year. Swiss Bank had become the first choice of thieves, dishonest leaders, mafia, smugglers and big businessmen.

The bank had only one rule.

Just like a recharge card, a number is given to the account holder, and a password is set.

Bank knew only that person who had that number.

No other detail, were asked about the customer or his antecedents.

There was a rule of the bank that if there was no transaction for seven years or the account was not used for seven years, the bank will seize the account and deposit the money with the authorities.

Money accumulated in the Swissbank where no transaction had occured for seven years had piled up.

Don't know how many mafia are killed every day in the world. Leaders are caught and prosecuted.

How many smugglers are caught or killed, how many get life imprisonment.

In such a situation, I don't know how many accounts were seized in the bank.

Bank opened such accounts on the occasion of the new Century of 2000

So all the unaccounted black money they got was equal to 40% of the whole world's black money.

Almost half of the whole world's black money.
This amount is beyond even their imagination.

Even the bank was not able to decipher what to do with this amount.

They kept thinking what to do with this enormous wealth?

Thinking about this, the bank made an announcement and sought opinion from all the citizens of Switzerland, as what to do with this amount.

And the bank declared that If the citizens of the country so desired, the bank can distribute this amount to each of them

And each citizen will get a million Euros.

In the 15-day survey by the Government, 99.2% of the people had an opinion that the amount should be spent in enhancing the beauty of the country and towards tourism development and offering comforts to foreign tourists.

Survey results may be shocking for us Indians!

But it was a very simple decision for patriotic Switzerland public.

They rejected the haram money. This is a clear survey that we don't want Freebies.

Not only did they refuse free money, but on 25 January 2000, the people of Switzerland were standing outside the Government survey channel with banners demanding that 0.8% of the people who wanted free money, and make their names public.

This they considered a stigma on society and Switzerland.

After a lot of assurances, the Government was able to convince people to punish those who wanted free money, only then did the public calm down.

And we want everything to be given Free in India. Even when given free we do not keep it safe Apart from this, the sense of entitlement tax theft, electricity theft, laziness to work hence needing Government Jobs with no accountability, lack of civic sense, absence of duty towards one's country corrupt politicians derailing development dividing people in communities.

Yet My India is great,,,,.